A few weeks ago, we looked into how to create segments based on Lead Score criteria. But the options don’t stop there.


Today we will see how to create a Dynamics365Marketing segment based on your event registrations. This means that every time somebody signs up for an event, they will automatically join the segment, which will allow you to send them a confirmation email, or session registration summary or even their e-tickets.

Where to start

The working assumption is that we have already created an event and went live with it. For the purposes of this, I will use my Dynamics Forum event.



We have gone live with it and people can register themselves from the event portal.

Now on to the segment

In the marketing app > Click Segments > New > Behavioral > In the first segment criteria, change Email clicked to Event Registration > Add a lookup to your event as on the screenshot below > Give your segment a meaningful name > Save > Check for errors > Go live.


Give it some time for the magic to happen and when you come back to the members tab, you will see all the contacts who have registered for the Dynamics Forum event.

Just an idea

With this done, you have all of the tools to take customer service to the next level. Why don’t you create a customer journey to send an event registration confirmation email to the registrants and send them their e-tickets.  If you wanted, you could also use dynamics content to send a summary of all sessions they have registered for. 

Then give it a few days and let your customer journey check if the person has opened the email. If they haven’t, you could schedule a task for your agents and arrange to post a paper version of the tickets, so that they don't miss out. Just a nice way to show your customers that you know them and that you care.


Any questions, do get in touch.