We're thrilled to announce that our latest mixed reality application, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Product Visualize, is available for Public Preview. Product Visualize enables sellers to show products in mixed reality and allows customers to see and interact with a personalized 3D model of the product they’re considering. Join our free preview by downloading the app from the Apple App Store!

Showcase complex products visually

Easily represent products that are highly configurable or too big to carry around. View, move, resize, and rotate 3D models in mixed reality to help your customers visualize products in their environment.

Build buyer confidence in your product

Engage in meaningful conversations with customers by showcasing personalized products. Build trust that what they’re getting will meet their requirements and confirm configurations to prevent costly change orders.

Communicate more efficiently

Add notes and draw (ink) directly on a digital 3D model to capture requested changes. Save notes and markups to the sales opportunity in Dynamics 365 for Sales for easy reference on future customer visits. Publish notes to Microsoft Teams channels to collaborate with other team members (optional feature for customers that have licenses to Microsoft Teams).

We’d love to hear your feedback! Tell us which new features you want us to build here!

Public Preview features

  • Product Visualization in mixed reality
  • 3D content manipulation
  • Dynamics 365 for Sales integration
  • Spatial notes for 3D models
  • Mixed reality image capture and digital inking
  • Microsoft Teams integration
  • SharePoint integration
  • 3D content gallery

Device requirements

DeviceOS requirementsDetails

iOS phone or tablet

iOS 11+; device must be ARKit compatible; 4G/WiFi connection

Check to see if your device is compatible


Licensing and product requirements

Product requiredDetailsLearn more

Product Visualize

Product Visualize software

Install, open, and sign in

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) account

Required for users when signing in to the app.

Get started with Azure AD

Dynamics 365 for Sales

Product Visualize requires a Dynamics 365 for Sales license in order to display products associated with Dynamics 365 for Sales opportunities.

Dynamics 365 for Sales


Required for saving notes and accessing models.

SharePoint Online plan options

Microsoft Teams (optional)

A Microsoft Teams license allows notes created in Product Visualize to be pushed to a Teams channel associated with that sales opportunity.

Teams may be available as a free download for users.

For how-to information on setting up Product Visualize, see our Setup topic. For how-to info on using the mobile app, see our User Guide.