The Finance and Operations Team recently remove the RDP access for the Tier 2 sandbox environments. All database credentials were also removed, however it is still possible to access the database.

From the environment details page for your sandbox environment, select Maintain > Enable access, and then in the dialog box, add the IP address of your source environment.

You also need to enter which type of access you require in the Database Accounts section. The available options include read or read-write access. Enter a short reason description and then select Request access.

Now we will use SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to connect to the database using the accounts from LCS and the IP address you enabled:

1.Launch SQL Server management studio.

2.Type the name of the Azure SQL server in the server field. Change the authentication drop down from ‘Windows Authentication’ to SQL Server Authentication

3.Copy and paste the username and password from LCS.

4.Click on the Options button in the lower right-hand corner:

5.Finally, paste the database name in the ‘Connect to database’ dropdown. To get the database name you can go back to LCS under Database Accounts and copy the part after the \ in the SQL Server\Database Name field and click connect:

6.Now you will see the D365FO sandbox database listed:

Thanks for reading.

Acknowledgments: I want to thank my colleague Amy Flower (Customer Engineer) for her contributions and peer review.