Edit from 03/02/2021:  LCS communications began going out that the "get fragmentation details" query from SQL Insights in LCS is being retired. These are for the same reasons as the batch job being retired since index maintenance is now being solely managed by Microsoft. 

LCS Communication:


Starting March 7, 2021, Microsoft is retiring the “Get fragmentation details” query from the SQL insights queries that are available on the Environment monitoring page in Lifecycle Services. This query will be retired for all production and sandbox Tier 2 through Tier 5 environments. 

There will be no impact to the performance of your environment as the index fragmentation is now performed and managed entirely by Microsoft. For more details, see Batch job to handle SQL index defragmentation removed

Hi everyone, I wanted to share some information on an upcoming feature that is being removed within the month in case you haven’t seen the documentation. Effective January 28th, the SQL index defragmentation batch job has been removed from all Microsoft managed environments and Tier 2-5 sandboxes. This was a job that an administrator previously had to schedule and maintain from inside the F&O application, which added overhead to the application, complexity, and was another job that had to be monitored by customers.

Microsoft will now handle this maintenance activity and will no longer be monitored by the customer. SQL index defragmentation will become a continuous process that will not affect user workloads.

I’ve included a link to the deprecated feature below for your reference. Also, please don’t forget to check out our service offerings and my blog from last week that we are hiring a Customer Engineer.

Deprecated Feature
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