Please find attached our latest Whitepaper concerning the transition to SEPA taking place on February 1st 2014

Note page 6, "In order to get the latest corrections effecting all the countries involved, it is recommended to install the coming update (KB 2902097)" which is planned to be released on November 30th 2013.

In short, although we have individual fixes for particular countries, like Netherlands and Belgium, Germany we recommend to install KB 2902097 as this release is a cumulative update which in addition to updating all countries also contains all known hotfixes up to publishing. Eg. if you install KB 2902097 you will not only get the SEPA update for ‘your’ country, (eg. Netherlands, Belgium, Germany), but also all known updates for your country – you get therefore the double benefit of ‘your countryupdate’ + the latest corrections. KB 2902097 will be available for download from our normal channels