When you run the report Vendor invoice turnover (Accounts payable - Reports - Statistics - Invoice - Vendor invoice turnover) by user who is not a member of role System Administrator, the report displays empty lines.

Only users with role system administrator assigned get data on the vendor invoice turnover report. Users with other roles get a report with multiple pages without anything on it.

Unfortunately, we are not able to deliver a KB as a resolution for this issue. AX product group has decided to resolve this issue in the future release of the product.

Recommendation for scenario resolution is the following:


User is set up:

- as member of “Domain User” and ”Remote desktop Users” permission and not
member of “System Administrator”

- with “Accounts Payable Manager” role (or Accountant role)


In AOT > Security > Roles, select VendInvoiceAccountsPayableManager
(same applies to role LedgerAccountant)


Tables, Add VendInvoiceVolumeTmp

click > Properties

= VendInvoiceVolumeTmp

= Delete

= Manual


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