One of the first things I try to do, when starting a new Microsoft Dynamics AX project for a client, is to introduce them to Convergence as well as AXUG membership. A lot might have already heard of these, and might have attended a Convergence. However, it seems that once the project starts, or the project is over, the value of continued investment into attending events like Convergence, AXUG Summit, AXUG Regional Chapters seems to get lost in the shuffle of being live with a customers new implementation.

Continued interaction, and attendance at Convergence, AXUG and the MSDW Decisions Virtual Conferences is very much an investment in time and resources, that help extend and squeeze the most ROI for a given customers choice of deploying Microsoft Dynamics AX.

As I sit here, on the heels of the kick off for #DAXCONF 2011, it very clear that there is so much to be gained from theses events. Having attending several different events now, spanning the aboved mentioned and the face to face interactions that take place, exchanging of ideas over breakfest, gaining insight into product depth and area's that maybe a person did not know AX was used in a given fashion. All of this builds into getting the most out of a customers Microsoft Dynamics AX investment.

So, as the title states, you should tell the client about these great resources during the sales cycle, as well as the project starts. And continue to reference them as sources throughout the project. Point them to the Official Microsoft Dynamics Community site, in which this article is being hosted on. Talk to them about the value of joining AXUG, and becoming an active member in the regional and national events. These help the company grow in knowledge and in AX strength, given the company the ability to get the most for what they are investing.

That's all for now, I will actually have another article this month on my column, coming out of this weeks #DAXCONF, so keep an eye out for it, and keep pushing the gears that help the Dynamics Community and Ecosystem grow: Convergence, AXUG, and the Official Dynamics Community Site!