Here is another error message that may take a lot of our valuable time to troubleshoot. So, you configured all that is needed to test the data download and upload between AX and the store database, including the Retention period in days in the Retail scheduler parameters. Then, you run the jobs to send the data down to the store database, open the form Download sessions and click Process status messages. And get the error message "Error executing code: RetailCDXMonDataSync object not initialized".

There might be a few reasons for this error, but most importantly, they are related to the download and upload sessions and their RPF files. Just to refresh, RPF files are the data packages managed by Async Server and Async client to transfer data between AX database and the stores database, and they sit in the folders configured in the Working folders.

Well, I wouldn't be surprised if you, functional consultant, had taken the lead to create the download and upload folders yourself. After all, every minute counts when you are testing AX setup and you don't want to wait for your technical team to do such a lesser procedure, right?

And here comes the trick thing... the Windows service account that runs Async server and Async client *must* have been granted the proper access rights to those folders, which allow them to *delete* files as well.

That's all, folks!