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Retail continues to be a popular vertical within the Microsoft Dynamics jobs market and it’s the area that Microsoft is investing in more than any other. As more retailers adopt Microsoft Dynamics, the competition for skills amongst leading brands is increasing dramatically and therefore the quality of professionals required is also on the rise.Close-up of young woman carrying shopping bags while walking along the street

From our experience of dealing with retail organisations, we’ve noticed they value the following traits when making critical programme hires– so if you can show evidence of these during the application process, you’ll enhance your chances of landing a job on the top Dynamics AX retail projects.


  1. Be a good ERP all-rounder

You don’t necessarily need years of Microsoft Dynamics AX or consulting experience – especially with the introduction of Microsoft 365 which will see CRM and AX coming together in the cloud. It’s not the most tech or functionally savvy Microsoft Dynamics professionals that hiring managers look for, but people who understand how Microsoft Dynamics will impact on a retail business, have a good mix of skills and aren’t pigeonholed into one area. It’s the partner’s job to provide specialist knowledge but internal talent needs to have a more rounded approach.

  1. Have interpersonal skills and a willingness to get involved 

AX retail implementations tend to be smaller so strong interpersonal skills and an ability to integrate and communicate with colleagues of all levels is even more important. In smaller retail programmes especially, consultancy work internally won’t necessarily be separated into “technical” or “functional” because the environment will require them to get involved in all aspects of the program. If you have a lack of pretence about getting involved with everything, you will succeed and also broaden your experience for future Dynamics AX projects.


  1. Be experienced within retail

There will always be a demand for specialist knowledge of AX retail modules such as buying and merchandising, stock and warehousing. Wider retail experience, such as understanding how the functions of the business work and how the ERP system impacts that, is also very valuable to hiring managers. In particular, we have found that people who’ve worked with companies like Forex and Monetise tend to do very well because of the wide exposure they’ve had to ERP implementations. Having an awareness of business change is also important – as one Dynamics AX Retail Project Manager says: “Typically these projects will be major change projects affecting most areas of a retail organisation so a great understanding of managing business change is key”.


  1. Have brand awareness

Showing an awareness and appreciation of the brand is important during the application process. Small retailers value what people know about them and how passionate they are about working for the brand. If you don’t know much about the business, explore their website and social media channels, and get into a store if you can, to get a feel for their brand.


Every organisation is different but in the retailers we work with, we’ve noticed that they value at least two of these traits. Well-recognised retail brands will not just hire people on the basis of how much Microsoft Dynamics AX experience they have but ultimately value a wider retail business understanding and a team-playing attitude.

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