With the right software to measure customer satisfaction KPIs business of all sizes can get a better idea of how they perform in their customers’ eyes.


There are many key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure business success but the most important KPIs are those around customer satisfaction.

With a complete business software bundle from Microsoft and RoseASP, you can measure performance across your organization including employee productivity, customer loyalty, social interactions and cash flow.

A recent article at SmallBizTrends.com listed the 14 most important KPIs to considering when measuring how your business is performing for you customers.

  1. Overall Satisfaction – How do your customers rate your service on average?
  2. Satisfaction Improvement – Has customer satisfaction improved or gone down in recent years?
  3. Customer Retention – Do you lose customers as fast as you gain new ones?
  4. Net Promoter Score – Do your customers recommend you to others?
  5. Conversion Rate – After someone from your customer service team interacts with a customer, how likely are they to make a purchase or take some other kind of action?
  6. Compared to Competitors – How do your satisfaction and churn rates stack up against industry averages?
  7. Average Resolution Time – How much time passes between a support request or customer complaint and a resolution?
  8. Active Issues – How many complaint or support issues are active at any given time? The fewer the better.
  9. Resolved Issues – How many customer issues are resolved with happy customers vs unhappy customers?
  10. Employee Productivity – Do employee productivity numbers reflect satisfied customers?
  11. Employee Retention/Employee Turnover – Happy employees make happy customers. What is your employment churn rate?
  12. Brand Attributes – How do customers view your company overall? What words would they use to describe your brand?
  13. Complaint Escalation Rate – As your business grows, complaint numbers are bound to grow too, but does the rate of complaint growth outpace the business growth?
  14. Cash Flow – Do customers pay for goods and services in a timely manner or are they unsatisfied and therefore lagging on payment and failing to recommend your business.

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