Hi Friends,

This is Harnish Jariwala. Recently we have implement MSD Ax 2012 R3 at our organization. As our organization have different branches at other location which is connected through VPN. My problem is with remote printing. As we are using RDP of sever with different different user name. But when user connect through VPN barcode printing has been stuck. As we are using shared barcode printer. Barcode printer is client side and connect on client computer. 

Scenario is  like. Client connect through VPN software --> Take RDP of server --> make some entry in MSD --> Save it and print barcode on client side bacode machine. (Barcode printer is shared on server machine) 

As we know vpn not give same ip every time and sopos firewall have no facility for the same.

If any one have idea then please let me know.

Thanks and Regards,

Harnish Jariwala