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Requisition Questionnaires

Posted on by 23
Hi all
Just wonder if anybody has succesfully used questionnaires on Purchase Requisitions?
I have them setup but they aren't displaying
I have 
1. Setup Questions etc
2. added to one Category
3. Added policy.
Testing a PR and it isn't on the tab.
Thanks all
  • DynamicConsult Profile Picture
    DynamicConsult 23 on at
    Requisition Questionnaires
    I have this setup but somehow I may be incorrectly expecting this to show up in the PR.
    See below for setup and result.
    Result in PR - Blank Questionnaire, What am i missing here?
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    JM-16051036-0 Profile Picture
    JM-16051036-0 4 on at
    Requisition Questionnaires. D365 F&O
    You have to go to procurement categories,  go to the questionnaire section , activity type, choose "Requisition" as in the below screenshot.
    "Not Assigned" is defaulted by the system, just change it.
  • André Arnaud de Calavon Profile Picture
    André Arnaud de Cal... 287,989 Super User on at
    Requisition Questionnaires. D365 F&O
    Hi DynamicConsult,
    What do you mean exactly by not displaying? Are you able to share some screenshots? Is the questionnaire set to Active? Can you also tell more about the category setup in your environment?
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    Kevin Xia Profile Picture
    Kevin Xia Microsoft Employee on at
    Requisition Questionnaires. D365 F&O
    You can refer to this blog post:

    Similar questions have been raised on the forum before, and you can check out this old thread: RFQ and complete questionnaire (
    Best regards,

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