Dear expert

Thank you all in advance.

We are looking to design account statement using management reporter, what we are looking for is to list all transactions in periods, in addition to that we are looking to have previous period ending balance.

suppose that we would like to print account statement from management reporter for the period from first of march-2022 up to november-2022, what we assume that all transaction in these periods will be listed.

now as i have checked, in management reporter when you select you can select one period, then in period selection you can assign the range for example "1:base", what we request is to have dynamic periods then report will retrieve all transaction in selected period in addition to ending balance for the previous period.

Can we have something like that  

one more question, in case if you want to make the attribute for the  any dimension can I, for more explanation, I want to make a dynamic dimensions values to be retrieve in the report.

Thank in advance.