I have been amazed as I have met people involved in the Microsoft Dynamics world how long many of them have been a part of Convergence. Like the recent Visa Super Bowl ads about the gentlemen who have never missed a single Super Bowl, there are partners, customers, prospects, and Microsoft executives and staff who have unbelievable streaks of attendance going year after year. Perhaps nothing is a better indicator of value in any endeavor than the folks that come back for more.

For our firm, it is our largest investment every year and it is all about one thing - relationships. There is no single period of time and place to query, collaborate and connect than these few days in Atlanta. You will meet old friends, fierce competitors, future teammates, and many people who are looking for the same answers and connections that you are.

The key to success is to remember that Atlanta is just the beginning.

You will arrive home tired, fulfilled, excited about new things, and loaded down with business cards. Believe it or not - now the real benefit begins. Don't just tuck those cards in your desk drawer and rush back into your busy world. Be sure you make the follow-up connections, phone calls, and web searches you were excited about as you met all these old and new friends. Seek out the user groups, partner executives, and Microsoft leaders that can help you fulfill the promise you saw in those early morning key notes and side conversations over the loud band at the nightly parties.

Atlanta is just the beginning - what you do when you get home is the rest of the story. Enjoy it all.

Steve Terp