Authored by Robert Yarnold, Sunny Queen Australia

There is certainly a lot happening at Sunny Queen. 

A bit of background. We completed Phase 1 of our implementation of AX 20009 – with “Go-Live” in July 2010. This included Finance, Sales and Logistics. We let that settle down and made some minor modifications to get the system just how we wanted it.

In 2011 we then commenced Phase 2 -Warehouse Management, Dynamics CRM, QA and Production.

This is a work in progress, however.

So…. What am I looking forward to at Convergence 2012?

Unfortunately my company feels that it is not an important event & therefore I am self-funding the trip from Australia to attend Convergence.

That being the case, because I am covering the expenses myself I plan to make the most of the event on a personal level. 

This is my first Convergence – so please be gentle.


Microsoft Dynamics 2012

I intend to begin planning the upgrade from AX 2009 to AX 2012 in the second half of this year, therefore I am looking forward to having a good look at AX2012. There are several obvious sessions that I am interested in including the planning the upgrade sessions.

The other sessions with high interest are those relating to BI and reporting functions.

One of the more interesting sessions will be the Organisational Modelling. Our structure, from our parent company down, is quite disparate, mainly due to legacy systems remaining in some of these. It is my plan to eventually bring them all in under one system.

There are many sessions that are too numerous to mention here that are also of interest.


Dynamics CRM

We are currently implementing Dynamics CRM into our business model. While we investigated both the AX CRM and the Dynamics CRM functionality, we felt that Dynamics CRM was a better fit for our business.

I am looking forward to gaining insight and knowledge about the ways in which we can leverage the best results from the product.

Sessions revolving around Analytics, Process Management, Document Management, and Mobile Options will be of particular interest.

We have a number of sales people on the road & while CRM is being implemented, I am also investigating the use of mobile devices such as the iPad, so that the sales force can get the most from their use of the CRM system while on the road.

Social media has now become a powerful marketing and sales tool. I will be taking a keen interest in the sessions relating to Social technologies as well.

The CRM – AX connector is something that my team will need to be better acquainted with so that we can get the most out of these systems and become more self-sufficient with the connector.

I am looking forward to attending the sessions relating to getting the most from integrating the two solutions with the connector.


As the head of IT at Sunny Queen I am also looking forward to a number of the “Business Leadership’ sessions & will be attending as many relevant sessions as possible.


Last but certainly not least is the networking at events such as Convergence, not only the sessions such as “Birds of a Feather” but the social networking as well.

I am looking forward to meeting and discussing issues with other like people in varied organisation.  Some of the things that I find really useful are how many of the solutions to issues in dissimilar industries can be used in other business type.

The interaction and networking can lead to great relationships and a firm cross pollination of ideas and solutions.

This is now an international event and I looking forward to catching up with AX users from various  countries & talking to them abouthow they are using the product.

I am looking forward to many things at Convergence 2012 and I am expecting to gain quite a lot.

Robert Yarnold
National IT & Communications Manager, and member of the Convergence Customer Advisory Board

Sunny Queen Australia

Carole Park, Queensland, Australia