With Management Reporter 2012, we are making what we believe you’ll see as some positive changes to the system requirements.

  • Removing the requirement for Internet Information Services (IIS) - This was primarily used as the endpoint that connected the client to the application server. It also served a role in setup and configuration of companies.  We will have a future blog post on how we made this experience much easier in Management Reporter 2012.  
  • Removing the dependency on SQL Server Service Broker  - This requirement was used in how we queued reports for generation and will be replaced by report scheduling that we will talk about in our next blog post. 
  • Adding a prerequisite check  - This addition will be used to ensure the installer is aware of both required and recommended features. If a requirement is not installed you will be able to remedy the problem, revalidate that it is installed, and continue on without having to rekey any information.

These changes will remove some of the commonly encountered issues in setting up Management Reporter, and enable an easier, more reliable setup experience.