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The Dynamics range is becoming more and more mainstream and Microsoft have been very competitive in terms of license cost. The software solutions are affordable not only for large corporations but even for start-ups, small and mid-size companies. This certainly is true with Dynamics CRM, GP and NAV.

So what about the consulting? It is quite easy to predict the price of the software straight away but the delivery could cost quite a lot more on top. How can you make sure you get the best value for money on the services? Here are 3 key reasons why small Dynamics end-users and start-ups should consider hiring freelancers to deliver and support their solutions:

  1. Cost – Can a start-up or a small company afford going through a lengthy partner selection? For a small project, is it worth spending so much time on selection? Can they pay the daily rates (in the UK this is about £800-£1000 per day)? Hiring an independent consultant to do the implementation would cost about half of this!
  2. Speed – The Microsoft partner community is very diligent in deploying Dynamics projects and they normally follow a strict implementation methodology (SureStep), which includes many steps of diagnostic, analysis, design, risk assessment, etc.. This  often can be  streamlined for a small business, but many partners will not do this.  A more flexible implementation should be the answer, and freelancers are usually happy to work like this. This makes the delivery faster and certainly impacts the cost as well.
  3. Care – You will get care from the partners – they are mostly very reliable organisations. However, they often have to spread their resources and the priority is almost always on the larger customers with more complex projects. Hiring a freelancer normally guarantees 100% dedication and full focus on your organisation regardless of its size.

So how can smaller companies find the right freelancer? Considering the high recruitment costs (around 30% on top of the daily or hourly fee), one obvious solution is to register with 365 Freelance, . The membership is free of charge for now and in the near future we’ll introduce a subscription fee to new clients. Take full advantage of our site and hire the required resources at a lower cost, higher speed and with a more personable service.



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