Experience: 9 years of CRM experience

Projects: Short term, Remote/Onsite if London city

Freelance or Permanent: Freelance

Industry focus: Entertainment, Sports & Leisure, B2B or B2C Enterprise

Markets: UK, India, USA

Availability: end of November 2014

Other interests: Traveling, Fitness, Cooking


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  1. Elena from 365 Freelance: Saurin, tell us more about your ideal future role?


Saurin – My inclination while applying for a job is always work-life balance and a pleasant working environment. An ideal role will be one which involves as little travel as possible, or remote working, as well as a role where I can contribute my maximum using existing skills and industry experience. Having worked on really interesting projects in the Sports and Entertainment industry, it would be great to work for a client in this sector, but of course I’m happy to work in many others.


  1. Elena: You have worked on many projects internationally – UK, USA, Australia, and India. How do you find these projects abroad?


Saurin – I initially used all the available tools like Linkedin groups, connecting to recruitment consultants and agents who have long term relationships with their clients and have a say in the client’s IT staff management policies year on year. My motive was to persuade agents/clients to allot their MS CRM work for a remote based consultants like me who can work and deliver without much direction and can directly report to main people.

Also project sites like odesk, freelancer etc. where one can bid for projects and then make relations with clients. As a result you get referrals or sell additional services like after delivery support or even convert short term engagements into full time work.

Often overseas projects are limited to small or medium size implementations since the clients are always wary of remote based partner’s commitment in terms of time and quality of work. So consultants have to build their profile bit by bit working on short term projects if they want to remain in their country of choice and work as a freelancer. They need to build reputation at the same time and be ready to continuously look for and bid for new projects as this area is very competitive.


  1. Elena: Microsoft CRM Online is making it very easy to deploy and support systems remotely. Do you find that more and more companies are looking for remote resources?  


Saurin – For the client: having a remote consultant to work and maintain CRM online system regularly means the same as having someone in the IT team at their premises. You can keep track of the progress, check the system changes at your own time and get the consultant services in real time as agreed.

For the developer: working from the comfort of their home without being limited by the number of local clients is a big advantage. The lack of commute allows you to keep yourself up to date with the technology while you deliver your projects and build a good reputation.

CRM Online is so popular for very many reasons but a key one is improved network connectivity around the world, so we see more enterprise clients choosing subscription-based software.

This means CRM online will flourish because of many SME companies allotting smaller budgets and pilot systems based on CRM who will look for remote resources to do small chunks of work for remote resources. The companies will prefer such engagements as long as they have shorter monthly or quarterly budgets so that they will be happy to pay hourly rates to the recourse rather than hire someone.


  1. Elena: What do you like about the 365 Freelance concept?


Saurin: I have seen a lack of transparency between client companies and candidates in contract roles caused by high commission rates charged by the agent to the client. Initiatives like 365 Freelance will bring credibility to the freelancers market and make it easier for clients to engage with contractors much faster and more easily.


Elena: Thank you so much, Saurin! I really enjoyed talking to you.    


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