microsoft dynamics contractor

There is a new breed of Superhero in the Dynamics community. You probably have already met a number of them, even worked with some without realising they are not full time employees but freelancers (contractors, vendors or independent consultants – it all means the same).   They know they are special, and although many of them do not wear capes or masks, they still stand out from the crowd.  These people are highly skilled, hard to find and can help you in many different ways.

Here are some good examples of what freelancers can do for you if you run a Dynamics practice:

  1. Provide ad hoc presales resources when needed
  2. Scale up your consulting practice as needed, without having consultants sitting on the bench
  3. Address your client’s needs in other Dynamics solutions without the risks of introducing another partner
  4. Add certifications from contractors to boost your Microsoft partner account
  5. Find add-on or vertical skills to augment your technical skills
  6. Offshore development resources from as low as £50 per day
  7. Offer global 24/7 support to your customers without large headcount
  8. Deliver international deployments in geographies where you aren’t present on the ground

If all this sounds very attractive, how do you find a freelancer without paying a high mark-up by going through a recruitment agency, or spending hours on social media sites looking for the right one?

Just register with 365 Freelance ( ) and you can search through hundreds of available consultants and contact them directly.


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