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Can You Answer This? | December 4, 2023

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Hello Dynamics Community Stars!

Each week we will be sharing an email list of unanswered forum questions from the previous week, until a digest option is available (coming soon).

We appreciate your engagement in the community, and all feedback is welcome. Below is a compilation of questions that currently lack verified answers since 11/27/23. Kindly review and if possible contribute your expertise to assist fellow community users in finding solutions to these queries.

Thank you!

Dynamics 365 Finance Forum  

(ZPL) "Custom Label" options not showing up211/29/2023UnansweredOther Functionality, Customization / Solutions / SDK and API
AP Invoice Register VAT Reversing Entry Errors211/28/2023UnansweredAdministration and Setup
Check printing to a network printer via DRA-as-a-service - possible?211/29/2023UnansweredAdministration and Setup
ER Selects Wrong Record Depending on Print Method111/30/2023UnansweredDevelopment / Customization / SDK
ERROR deep link code (UrlHelper.UrlGenerator()) in DataEntity.postLoad()412/01/2023UnansweredDevelopment / Customization / SDK
Electronic Reporting and change of layout of the Word document in attachments 12/03/2023UnansweredFinancial Management
Error occurs while creating the ssrs report 412/02/2023UnansweredFinancial Management
How to Link Properly Invoice Lines with Cust Packing Slip Lines? 11/30/2023UnansweredDevelopment / Customization / SDK
ISO20022 Credit transfer CH vendor payment & customer refund process, which model mapping to use? 12/04/2023UnansweredAdministration and Setup, Financial Management
ISO20022 structured payment format and payment information 12/01/2023UnansweredFinancial Management
Import JSON file with arrays using ER configuration112/01/2023UnansweredDevelopment / Customization / SDK
Integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM API using ASP.NET Core 511/29/2023UnansweredFinancial Management
Is there any possible way to find the deprecated objects in D365 F&O - 10.0.37 version212/01/2023UnansweredDevelopment / Customization / SDK, Other, Install and Upgrade
Migrate 1.7TB of data to Microsoft Fabric and setup real time connectivity 211/29/2023UnansweredBI and Analytics
Problem cell number format/ date format change - X++ code to export data in form of Excel 12/01/2023UnansweredDevelopment / Customization / SDK
Rebate management posting profiles payment type 111/29/2023UnansweredFinancial Management
Suspend combination of sales tax group and item sales tax group in D365FO?212/01/2023UnansweredAdministration and Setup
Wrong contract response311/29/2023UnansweredIntegrations, Development / Customization / SDK

Dynamics 365 Business Central Forum 

Item avaliability by event - Demand Forecasts  11/30/2023UnansweredPurchasing
BC 14 dosn't see old user personalization, it's creating new one. 11/30/2023UnansweredAdministration and permissions
BC On Prem V22 -  11/30/2023UnansweredDevelopment
BC On Prem V22 - The BC link not working after Switching to ACS Authentication211/28/2023UnansweredDevelopment
Bank Reconciliation - Manual Match Challenges212/01/2023UnansweredFinancial Management
Batch processing ATP or automatic reservation of items agains open purchase orders 11/29/2023UnansweredInventory and warehouse management
Business Central RDLC Shipment Report311/28/2023UnansweredDevelopment
Calculate additional taxes on the purchase order 11/28/2023UnansweredIntegration with Dynamics 365 products
Dimension corrections - how to know if it was run immediately or not?112/01/2023UnansweredOther
Error When Lookup to CDS Table Use Job Queue211/28/2023UnansweredIntegration to Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate and Dataverse
Finance/chart of accounts access111/30/2023UnansweredAdministration and permissions
Financial Report - Cash Flow Entries Account at Column Definition 112/04/2023UnansweredFinancial Management
Job Queue in Error State - Locking Issue112/04/2023UnansweredInventory and warehouse management
Linking Business Central to Power BI - using built templates212/01/2023UnansweredIntegration to Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate and Dataverse, Integration with Dynamics 365 products, Reports and Business Intelligence, Financial Management
Master Data Management Stops Working with No Explanation311/29/2023UnansweredData Migrations, Administration and permissions
Post Production Output - Limit to Prod Order Quantity To Produce111/30/2023UnansweredManufacturing
Price description field112/04/2023UnansweredSales, Other, Development
Reg : Standard API, Inserting into General Journal Lines112/04/2023UnansweredIntegration to Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate and Dataverse, Financial Management , Development, Integration with Dynamics 365 products, Web and mobile experience, Documentation, Other
SOAP Api Connection & Result. 11/30/2023UnansweredIntegration with Dynamics 365 products
Strange Data Returned in "Find entries" and "Search in data" 12/04/2023UnansweredOther
Using FilterPageBuilder to filter records as an input to a query - is it possible 12/04/2023UnansweredDevelopment
XML Mapping for Documents 12/04/2023UnansweredReports and Business Intelligence, Administration and permissions
You do not have access to Dynamics 365 Business Central 11/30/2023UnansweredOther
cuegroup modification 12/04/2023UnansweredDevelopment

Dynamics 365 Sales forum 

How to setup Unit groups to convert catalyst product from kgs to liters in D365 CRM Sales module 12/04/2023UnansweredOther, Product Catalog
Business unit manager access211/30/2023UnansweredLeads or Opportunities
Word template - conditions to group products by units 111/29/2023UnansweredQuotes / Orders / Invoices

Supply Chain Management forum 

DDMRP-Leadtime is not 0 for Decoupled Item with order type is Purchase Order 11/28/2023UnansweredProduct Information Management
Delete a Duty cost from Voyage312/01/2023UnansweredInventory and warehouse management, General, Cost Management
Inventory reservation during release to warehouse 12/01/2023UnansweredInventory and warehouse management
Mixed SKU in an LP112/04/2023UnansweredWarehouse Management, Inventory and warehouse management
Parameter InventVersionId does not exist. in my report 12/01/2023UnansweredCustomization / Solutions / SDK and API
Retail Headquarters parameters record cannot be read in SO/Released product details111/30/2023UnansweredProduct Information Management, Administration and Setup
Serial number amendment 12/04/2023UnansweredInventory and warehouse management
Stop creation of source document header and line records related to sales packing slip posting112/01/2023UnansweredProcurement and Sourcing
Trade Import / Export Product Information111/30/2023UnansweredProduct Information Management, Warehouse Management, Transportation Management

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Forum 
Assing owner when case open and change when close if conndition 211/29/2023UnansweredCase Management
Pop out an error dialog box message when trying to resolve a case, when a field is empty.511/28/2023UnansweredCommunity
Problems to migrate incidentresolution111/29/2023UnansweredOther
Queue item opens instead of the case211/29/2023UnansweredQueues and Routing, Case Management
What role does Dynamics 365 play in managing and resolving customer complaints effectively? 12/04/2023UnansweredCommunity

Dynamics 365 Field Service Forum 

Incoming and Upcoming Appointments not showing up on my website 12/04/2023UnansweredWeb and mobile experience, Connected Field Service, Work Order
create 1 - 2 day confirmations for bookings to resource 112/03/2023UnansweredScheduling (URS), Work Order

Commerce forum  

Deployment of Payment connector in Commerce SDK 12/04/2023UnansweredGeneral, Store operations and POS App, Payment processing, Deployment and servicing, Extensibility and Developer experience, E-Commerce Framework, Hardware and Peripherals
How to create a button menu similar to the Show Receipts menu in ShowJournalView 11/28/2023UnansweredExtensibility and Developer experience

Customer Insights - Journeys 

Dynamics 365 Insights - Journeys, New installation, Analytics: "Something went wrong"211/27/2023UnansweredAnalytics and Insights
Form submission from Marketing Form trigger change on fields, even though it is no change. 112/01/2023UnansweredMarketing Pages Forms and Surveys
Journey System Error resulting in emails not sent.111/27/2023UnansweredEmail
Push notification - Android211/28/2023UnansweredMobile (SMS and Push)
Real time journey numbers are not updating 12/04/2023UnansweredTransition to Real-time, Analytics and Insights, Email

Customer Insights - Data  

Adding Additional Contacts to Legacy Subscription?111/29/2023UnansweredSettings and Administration

Dynamics 365 General Forum 

A365 Cross-Rental & Intercompany211/30/2023UnansweredApplications and Add-ons
Business Central RDLC Report111/27/2023UnansweredOther Functionality
Can't access elements in html template in form while onsave function is executing111/28/2023UnansweredCustomization / Solutions / SDK and API
Custom API - best possible way to set secure/unsecure configuration. 12/04/2023UnansweredCustomization / Solutions / SDK and API, Integration with Other Products
Error message in Purchase Orders111/30/2023Unanswered 
How can I map subgrid records from lead to opportunity? 12/04/2023UnansweredOther Functionality, Customization / Solutions / SDK and API, Applications and Add-ons, Dynamics 365 Administration
Issues with priviledge "Maintain free text invoice"211/29/2023UnansweredDynamics 365 Administration
Performance testing of D365FO UI with Jmeter111/29/2023UnansweredOther Functionality
Position hierarchy reports order111/30/2023UnansweredDynamics 365 Administration
Project accounting111/29/2023UnansweredOther Functionality
Show the map on the entity 12/04/2023UnansweredCustomization / Solutions / SDK and API, Integration with Other Products
re-open fiscal year111/28/2023UnansweredDynamics 365 Administration

Microsoft Dynamics CRM forum  

"LinkedIn Member Profile" field on Contact111/28/2023UnansweredDevelopment / Customization / SDK, Sales
1:N relationship cascading behavior set for Reparent from All to None then back to All 11/29/2023UnansweredSales
Assign team to per-app users? 11/28/2023UnansweredOther
Automatic Record Creation rule and user email tracking on same email 12/01/2023UnansweredMicrosoft Office Outlook Client
Can we add conditional branch in email template ? 11/29/2023UnansweredDevelopment / Customization / SDK
Client Portal Management: Moving the Incident `Detail` button to the left (on the right by default) 11/30/2023UnansweredDevelopment / Customization / SDK
Connection from another organization111/30/2023UnansweredReporting and BI
Connection from visual studio 2017 to dataverse111/29/2023UnansweredConnector for ERP
Could not register Custom Workflow activity  11/27/2023UnansweredDevelopment / Customization / SDK, Install and Upgrade, Other, Sales
Creating Custom HTML forms/dialogs (not web resources embedded in an IFRAME) 11/30/2023UnansweredDevelopment / Customization / SDK
D365 Omnichannel - Quick Responses - Can I report on the usage of quick replies?  11/29/2023UnansweredReporting and BI
Data Import Wizard - Mapping lookup for multiple fields 11/29/2023UnansweredOther
Dynamics 365 CRM on premise multi back-ends 12/04/2023UnansweredDevelopment / Customization / SDK, Other, Install and Upgrade, Administration and Setup
Dynamics 365 Custom plugin not triggering 11/30/2023UnansweredDevelopment / Customization / SDK
Dynamics 365 is blocking third-party cookies in Chrome 12/01/2023UnansweredDevelopment / Customization / SDK
Email permissions111/27/2023UnansweredDevelopment / Customization / SDK
Folder Creation in D365 for Sales112/01/2023UnansweredSales
Form changes when a custom view is set  12/04/2023UnansweredDevelopment / Customization / SDK, Sales
I can't access Admin Center with my personal account 11/28/2023UnansweredOther
Import Calls activities automatically 12/04/2023UnansweredDevelopment / Customization / SDK, Administration and Setup
Integration between D365 F&O and CE Dual-write RefRecId field type312/04/2023UnansweredDevelopment / Customization / SDK
Issue with Nav File Import - "Unable to find a part of the path" Error 11/29/2023UnansweredAdministration and Setup
Limit lookup field to order products of the order connected to a case112/01/2023UnansweredDevelopment / Customization / SDK
Loop components in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales211/28/2023UnansweredDevelopment / Customization / SDK
MS Dynamic 365 CRM 12/04/2023UnansweredDevelopment / Customization / SDK
MS Dynamics NAV 2013 an NAV 2013 R2 compatibility with Windows Server 2019 or 2022111/30/2023UnansweredInstall and Upgrade
Marketing: Clicked links duplicated in "channel analytics" with #>] at the end211/28/2023UnansweredOther, Reporting and BI
Migration From FieldOne Sky TO Field Services111/28/2023UnansweredField Services
NAV wont allow reopening a Sales Order 11/29/2023UnansweredOther
Not getting option to setup Dynamics 365 Sales copilot (SALES COPILOT sub area NOT VISIBLE)111/29/2023UnansweredInstall and Upgrade, Other
One of the scripts for this record has caused an error. List_main_system_library 12/04/2023UnansweredAdministration and Setup
Open HTML web resource in the Dynamics 365 mobile app on click of a button. 11/29/2023UnansweredMobile Apps
Page toggle option211/29/2023UnansweredPerformance
Random sign in message 11/29/2023UnansweredAdministration and Setup
Send unique email to owners of multiple Leads211/28/2023Unanswered 
Softphone integration 12/01/2023UnansweredDevelopment / Customization / SDK
Team Hierarchy 11/27/2023UnansweredDevelopment / Customization / SDK
Trying to find out how to insert a child lookup into a parent lookup field value using xrm.webapi311/28/2023UnansweredOther
Update contacts in dynamics are not mapped in Clickdinension 12/01/2023Unanswered 
Use Power Apps Mobile to access Dynamics 365 Sales (For external users) 11/30/2023UnansweredMobile Apps
get data from lookup field which is available in subgird112/01/2023UnansweredDevelopment / Customization / SDK

Microsoft Dynamics AX forum 

Batch job ran into error with particular AOS instance511/29/2023UnansweredOther
Copy Tab in contract creation 12/04/2023UnansweredDevelopment / Customization / SDK, Manufacturing, Supply Chain
D365, production substitution variances due to estimation on resource groups 11/28/2023UnansweredManufacturing, Financial Management
Demand Planning recording211/27/2023UnansweredSupply Chain
FedEx API upgrade: AX 2012 XML integration TO Rest based Json FedEx API integration in AX 2012411/30/2023UnansweredDevelopment / Customization / SDK
Financial Dimensions are not changing automatically if we select different items 12/04/2023UnansweredManufacturing, Development / Customization / SDK, Supply Chain
General Ledger all booked entries data311/28/2023UnansweredDevelopment / Customization / SDK, Other
How to activate change management in a custom workflow 12/04/2023UnansweredDevelopment / Customization / SDK
Measure using divide calculates incorrectly311/27/2023UnansweredReporting and BI
Posting interest income from bank212/01/2023UnansweredFinancial Management
SQL2016SP3 for Dynamics AX2012R3CU13 ?211/27/2023UnansweredInstall and Upgrade
Unable to Deploy SSRS report in Ax 2012 R3411/29/2023UnansweredDevelopment / Customization / SDK
failed to find execution event handler class of automated workflow 511/29/2023UnansweredDevelopment / Customization / SDK

Microsoft Dynamics GP forum 

Bank Transaction Entry - Option: Enter Transaction vs Enter Receipt 12/01/2023UnansweredFinancial Management
Data Connectors  11/28/2023UnansweredManagement Reporter
Reporting Once Statements Are Emailed 11/29/2023Unanswered 
webservice createSalesReturn, how could i establish a reference with the original order. 11/28/2023UnansweredWeb Services and Workflow, Development / Customization / SDK

Microsoft Dynamics NAV forum 

1099 generation in NAV2017 or NAV2018211/29/2023UnansweredFinancial Management
U cant reverse Cust. Ledger Entry no 18511 bcoz ... 12/04/2023UnansweredFinancial Management

Business Central Migration Forum  

Company's badges 11/30/2023UnansweredDynamics products
GCC "Low" and Apps 11/28/2023UnansweredFeatures and Capabilities, Government, Integration, Dynamics Business Central on-premises

CRM Migration Forum  

Problems to migrate incidentresolution 11/28/2023UnansweredOther


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