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Understanding Item Revaluation Journals in Business Central

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 Understanding Item Revaluation Journals in Business Central

When it comes to managing your inventory value, the Item Revaluation Journal is a critical tool in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. However, it's important to note that it only works for items that are fully invoiced.

🔑 Key Point: The Item Revaluation Journal will not include items that are partially received but not invoiced.

For instance, let's say your Inventory Value report shows a value of 300 but in the Item Revaluation Journal, you only see a quantity of 100 This discrepancy might indicate that there is inventory received but not invoiced – in this example, an approximate value of 200

🔍 How to Verify:
To check if an item's quantity has been fully invoiced, you can look at the Invoiced Quantity field in the item ledger entries.

Tip: Regular checks and balances with the Item Revaluation Journal can help maintain accurate inventory values and financial statements.

Remember, precision in financial reporting starts with understanding the tools at your disposal.

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