FastTrack for Dynamics 365

Dynamics data in Synapse Link for Dataverse: Cloud Data Warehousing and Integration | Nov 16, 2023


Explore Cloud Data Warehousing and ingesting data from lake to cloud MPP Warehouse, transforming data using TSQL, and incremental data ingestion. 



00:00 Intro 

00:37 Series Agenda 

02:06 TechTalk Agenda 

02:33 Transition 

05:31 Architecture patterns and transition 

06:23 Incremental data ingestion from lake to SQL 

08:05 Demo: Incremental data ingestion using Synapse Serverless and Pipelines 

44:59 Comparing – ChangeFeed (Old) vs Incremental Folder (New) 

47:56 Call to Action 

50:45 Resources 

55:24 Closing comments



Jila Yadav, Principal FastTrack Solution Architect -  
Milinda Vitharana, Principal Lead Program Manager -  
Steven Koppens, Sr Solution Architect - 


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