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Forum structure changes are here

Scott_iTalent Profile Picture Scott_iTalent Community Manager


We are happy to announce the forum structure changes are now complete. We hope these changes serve to bring our experts and our help-seekers closer together!


What happened?

We removed 13 low activity forums from the site.


Does this mean my posts were removed?

No, no posts were removed during this update. Posts from the forums that were removed have been migrated to the new forum structure and will remain accessible via bookmarks, browsing, and search.


Which forums were affected?

The list of the forums that were removed is as follows:

  • Dynamics AX migration​
  • Dynamics CRM migration
  • User interface community​
  • Telecommunications industry​
  • Healthcare industry​
  • Manufacturing industry​
  • Nonprofit industry​
  • Media & Entertainment industry​
  • Retail industry​
  • Automotive industry​
  • Education Industry​
  • Financial Services industry​
  • Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability (moved to its own community site)


What about my subscriptions and bookmarks?

  • Subscriptions to individual threads and comments have not changed.
  • However, if you have subscribed to a forum that was removed there will be no new updates to that subscription.
  • Bookmarks to removed forums will no longer work. All other URLs are unchanged.


If you have any questions, please let us know!


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