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Managing Lot Availability Errors in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Managing Lot Availability Errors in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

When working with inventory in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, particularly in warehousing and distribution scenarios, users might encounter errors related to lot availability during the picking process. Such errors can halt operations and require immediate resolution to ensure that order fulfillment proceeds smoothly. This blog post will guide you through understanding and resolving lot availability errors, using features within Business Central to check and manage lot statuses effectively.

Understanding the Error

The typical error message, "Item not available in inventory or it has been reserved for another document," indicates a mismatch between the inventory levels the system expects and what is physically available or allocated. This can happen due to several reasons, including synchronization issues, previous reservations not being cleared, or actual physical inventory discrepancies.

Steps to Resolve Lot Availability Errors

1. Check Availability from the Pick Document

  • When working on a warehouse pick document, and you encounter an availability error, the first step is to verify what lots are available for picking. In Business Central, you can do this directly from the pick line.
  • Click on the three dots (ellipsis) on the 'Take' pick line to expand the options, and then select to view available lots. Business Central will display the lots that you can pick, ensuring that you are choosing from stock that is not reserved or otherwise committed.

2. Use the Item Availability by Lot Page

  • Business Central offers a dedicated page to view item availability by lot, which provides a comprehensive view of where items are, their quantities, and any reservations against them.
  • Navigate to this page by searching for "Item Availability by Lot" in the main search bar. This allows you to check and confirm the availability of specific lots before attempting to pick them, thus avoiding errors during the picking process.

3. Consult Reservation Entries and Item Tracking Entries

  • For a deeper dive into specific allocations and reservations of inventory, consult the 'Reservation Entries' and 'Item Tracking Entries' from the item card.
  • Access these entries by opening the item card, navigating to the 'Entries' section, and selecting either 'Reservation Entries' or 'Item Tracking Entries'. This will show you all reservations associated with that item, allowing you to manage or remove reservations that may be causing the lot availability error.


Handling lot availability errors in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central involves understanding the tools available within the system to manage and verify inventory levels and reservations. By using the features described above, users can effectively resolve these errors and ensure smooth operation of warehouse activities. As always, maintaining accurate inventory records and clear communication across your teams is crucial in preventing these issues from arising.


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