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A story of Dental Traumatology using Location data from Dynamics 365 for Optimal Dental Care!

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Dental Traumatology Projects OÜ is on a mission to safeguard dental health, with a particular focus on preventing and mitigating dental trauma. Their dedication extends far beyond the dental chair. By leveraging location intelligence through Maplytics, Dental Traumatology Projects has transformed the way they manage their extensive network of partners and ensure critical dental care reaches those who need it most, especially in the crucial moments following a dental injury.

Building a Network for Tooth Preservation

Dental Traumatology Projects boasts an impressive reach, supporting over 46,000 institutions across 7 countries. Their success hinges on fostering collaboration between a diverse group of partners, including dentists’ associations, insurance companies, sports organizations, and educational institutions. This intricate network allows Dental Traumatology Projects to disseminate crucial information and resources for optimal dental care.

Optimizing Risk Response

Dental Traumatology Projects understands the importance of time when dealing with dental trauma. Their innovative approach involves –

  1. Risk Point Identification: Utilizing location intelligence, Dental Traumatology Projects meticulously identifies areas with a high risk of dental accidents, such as playgrounds and sports facilities, schools, etc.
  2. Tooth Rescue Box Placement: Armed with this knowledge, Dental Traumatology Projects strategically positions tooth rescue boxes at these high-risk locations. These kits contain essential tools to preserve a knocked-out tooth until proper dental care can be obtained, significantly increasing the chances of successful reimplantation.

A Holistic Dental Care

Dental Traumatology Projects’ commitment extends beyond immediate response. They recognize the importance of preventive measures. By analyzing the location of schools and swimming pools, they can advocate for safety protocols and educational programs that minimize the risk of dental injuries in the first place.

Maplytics: The Efficient Partner

Dental Traumatology Projects manages a vast amount of data within their CRM system, encompassing information on partner institutions, risk points, and dental resources. Maplytics acts as the key to unlocking the power of this data... Read More

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