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Exciting changes to partner-led Dynamics 365 FastTrack

Dynamics 365 continues to underpin strategic digital transformation initiatives for organizations around the world. Thank you to all our customers and partners for your commitment to Dynamics 365, enabling us to grow the business and move up in analyst ratings! For the benefit of our partner community and to scale the impact of FastTrack across more customers, we’re making a set of changes to enable greater autonomy and efficiency for FastTrack partners.

What is FastTrack for Dynamics 365?

FastTrack for Dynamics 365 powers the success of thousands of customers annually. Accelerating high-quality implementations is key to ensuring that Dynamics 365 customers realize the benefit of their investment.

What is partner-led FastTrack?

Partner-led FastTrack is a one of the ways we have scaled the Dynamics 365 FastTrack program by leveraging a partner’s experienced Solution Architects to accelerate thousands of additional customer implementation projects with Success by Design principles. Until recently, this model was focused on individual customer projects and interaction was on a project-by-project basis with individual implementation teams. 

What is changing?

After piloting with a group of partners over the past 2 years, we have evolved partner-led FastTrack to include a new relationship-based form with participating Dynamics 365 FastTrack portfolio partners. The evolved model requires a FastTrack portfolio partner to build a Dynamics 365 Center of Excellence (CoE) which oversees the partner’s portfolio of projects. With this model we have found great synergies which benefit partners and customers.

The synergies are realized by better leveraging the FastTrack portfolio partner’s implementation experience and close connection with their customers alongside FastTrack’s perspective from thousands of customer implementations and our anchor in engineering.

Through the new model, FastTrack portfolio partners have one point of contact with FastTrack for all the projects overseen by the CoE. This connection allows for a higher value relationship between the partner and FastTrack, focusing activities across the partner’s project portfolio, such as proactive guidance or direct engagement for challenging projects. 

What are the benefits to our FastTrack portfolio partners?

FastTrack portfolio partners need to meet a set of eligibility requirements. Once onboarded, they benefit from a waived minimum license revenue requirement for their projects and greater autonomy while taking advantage of FastTrack resources.

In other words, the partners’ entire portfolio of Dynamics 365 projects will qualify for FastTrack under the CoE’s oversight, and the partners’ implementation team will have access to FastTrack implementation guidance and tooling, such as the Dynamics 365 Implementation Portal.

Next step:

The number of FastTrack portfolio partners is growing rapidly, and we expect that most projects in the partner-led engagement model will be executed by FastTrack portfolio partners going forward.

Follow the links to read about how HSO and Mint are accelerating implementation projects and serving their customers more effectively as FastTrack portfolio partners.

Start your journey toward establishing a Center of Excellence and joining other Dynamics 365 FastTrack portfolio partners. Keep an eye out on the FastTrack Partner Hub for updated program materials.