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Navigating Workflow Approval for Recurring Entries in Business Central

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Navigating Workflow Approval for Recurring Entries in Business Central

When it comes to managing financial entries, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides robust workflow approval systems to ensure that each journal entry is reviewed and approved before posting. This system is critical for maintaining financial controls and audit trails. However, what happens when this system encounters recurring entries?
Business Central has an excellent workflow for journal entries, including the need for approval on certain templates. The issue arises with recurring journals, which, by default, use the general template and thus fall under the same approval workflow as non-recurring journals. Unfortunately, there isn't a built-in feature to distinguish recurring entries for separate approval processes.
Users have expressed their need for this functionality for some time, hoping for a resolution to this oversight. While it's unclear when Microsoft will provide a permanent fix within Business Central, there are temporary solutions to manage this issue effectively.
User can use a temporary solution: adjusting the workflow to bypass the approval requirement for recurring journal batches by adding a specific filter. Here’s how you can implement this approach:

 Step 1: Identify Recurring Journal Batches
- Distinguish recurring journal batches from other general journal batches, possibly through naming conventions or dedicated batch names reserved for recurring use.
 Step 2: Adjust Workflow with Filters
- Modify the existing approval workflow for general journal batches by adding a filter that excludes the recurring journal batches.
 Step 3: Implement and Communicate
- Implement the changes and ensure that all relevant personnel are informed of the new process, especially those involved in the journal entry and approval processes.
 Step 4: Monitor and Follow Up
- Monitor the effectiveness of this temporary solution and be on the lookout for any updates from Microsoft regarding a more permanent solution within Business Central.
While we wait for a native solution from Microsoft, the above workaround can provide a bridge to ensure that recurring entries are posted efficiently without compromising the approval processes in place for other journal entries.