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Soft reservation capabilities from Dynamics 365 SCM | March 7, 2024

This TechTalk will show a new feature in Inventory Visibility Service. This feature allows soft reservation of inventory on product level without specifying site and warehouse information. For example, in the ecommerce in-basket scenario require soft reservation without site and warehouse. This feature will support such scenarios and further enhance existing soft reservation capabilities in Inventory Visibility Service.

00:00 Intro
00:48 Agenda
01:34 Soft reservation
7:07 Constraints at warehouse level reservation
08:24 Enhancements in Soft Reservation
12:38 Data Storage in IVS
15:10 Configuration
16:09 Implementing the feature
17:21 Demo 1
19:22 Example used in this session
21:40 Demo 2
23:49 Reserve without site and warehouse
25:43 Sata for reservations without warehouse
26:30 Demo 3
28:40 Understanding of default query behavior
29:28 Comparison: By Warehouse vs By Product ID
30:53 Do’s and Don'ts
34:17 Resources
35:33 Q&A
44:30 Closing comments


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