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Finding Serial Numbers in Transactions with Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Finding Serial Numbers in Transactions with Dynamics 365 Business Central

If you're running a business that deals with products, keeping track of serial numbers is crucial. Whether it's for warranty purposes, recalls, or just managing inventory, knowing how to find which transactions a specific serial number has been used in is key. Dynamics 365 Business Central makes this easy by offering several ways to track and search for serial numbers across your transactions. Let's break down the simplest methods to do this.

 1. Check the Item Ledger Entries
The Item Ledger Entries is your go-to place for a snapshot of every transaction involving your items. To find a serial number here:
- Go to the Item Ledger Entries from your item list or directly from the search bar.
- Use the search or filter function to narrow down to the specific item or serial number you're interested in.
- You'll see a list of all transactions, like sales, purchases, or adjustments, associated with that item or serial number.

 2. Look at Posted Sales Shipment Lines
The Posted Sales Shipment Lines page is where all completed sales shipments are recorded. If you want to see if a specific serial number has been shipped:
- Navigate to this page via the search bar.
- Use the filter to search for your item or directly input the serial number.
- This will show you all the sales shipments that included your item, letting you track where it's gone after leaving your warehouse.

 3. Use Item Tracing from the Item Card
Item tracing is a powerful feature that allows you to see the journey of a specific serial number through your entire system. To use item tracing:
- Find your item in the Item Card.
- Look for the Item Tracing option.
- Enter the serial number you're tracking.
- Business Central will show you every transaction and movement associated with that serial number, giving you a complete history from receipt to sale.

 4. Dive into Item Tracking Entries
Item Tracking Entries detail every instance an item with a serial number is moved or sold. To search here:
- Access the Item Tracking Entries through the search bar.
- Filter by your item's serial number.
- You'll get a detailed list of every time that item was handled, perfect for in-depth tracking needs.

Dynamics 365 Business Central provides multiple ways to track serial numbers across your business operations, ensuring you can always find the history and current status of your items. Whether you're dealing with returns, warranties, or just trying to keep a tight inventory, these tools make it straightforward to stay on top of your serial numbers. Remember, managing this data efficiently can save you time and help avoid issues down the line, so take advantage of these features to keep your business running smoothly.