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Direct Printing from Item Reclassification Journal in Business Central: A How-To Guide

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Direct Printing from Item Reclassification Journal in Business Central: A How-To Guide

For businesses utilizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, efficiency in inventory management is key. This includes the often-overlooked aspect of printing transaction reports. Specifically, when working with the Item Reclassification Journal, having the ability to post transactions and immediately print to a specific printer can save time and streamline workflows. Let's explore how you can bypass the default PDF download and send your documents directly to print using the "Post and Print" function.

The "Post and Print" Dilemma

user faced a predicament. While trying to utilize the "Post and Print" function from the Item Reclassification Journal, the system defaulted to downloading a PDF instead of printing directly to a chosen printer. This extra step can be an inconvenience, especially when dealing with high volumes of inventory transactions.

A Step in the Right Direction

a solution that involves selecting a different printer and format via the 'Send to' function. This approach can bypass the default PDF generation and allow for immediate printing of the report. Here’s how you can achieve this:

  1. Access the Item Reclassification Journal: Navigate to the Item Reclassification Journal page where you manage inventory adjustments.

  2. Complete Your Journal: Fill in all necessary changes that need to be posted and printed.

  3. Post and Print: Instead of selecting the regular "Post and Print" that leads to a PDF download, look for an option or icon that says 'Send to' or similar.

  4. Select Printer: Within the 'Send to' options, you should be able to choose 'Printer' as your output option.

  5. Choose Format and Printer: Here, you may select the format you wish to print in, if available, and specify the printer you want to use.

  6. Execute the Print Command: Confirm your selections and execute the print command. The report should be sent directly to the specified printer.


The "Post and Print" feature is designed to provide convenience, and with the right adjustments, it can live up to that promise by printing directly to the chosen printer. Remember, the exact navigation and options may vary depending on the version of Business Central and your system's configurations. If the suggested method does not work due to system limitations or version differences, consider reaching out to your system administrator or a Business Central consultant for further customization or assistance.


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