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CRM Data Migration tool

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CRM SDK provides a data migration tool/application called “DataMigrationUtility” which allows simple data migration from one CRM environment to another CRM environment.


  1. Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  2. CRM SDK

Purpose of the set up

Our goal is to migrate accounts from one Online CRM environment to another CRM environment.


  1. Open CRM SDK folder and run ‘DataMigrationUtility’ application.
    Path: SDK\Tools\ConfigurationMigration

  • Click on Create Schema. You’ll be asked to log in to your source CRM system.

  • Select the solution, entity and fields. Then click ‘save and export’, this will save a XML schema file.

  • To export data: select XML file created in the above steps and create a file to save the data (zip file); then click Exportdata.
    1. Click exit after successful export of data.

  • To import data: Click on Import data and then continue.
    1. Login to your target system.

  • Select Zip file which was created in the above steps.

  • Click on Import data

  • Error logs can be viewed from Logs stored.


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