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Optimizing Field Rep Productivity in Life Sciences using optimized maps within Dynamics 365 for Data Sciences International!

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Optimizing Field Rep Productivity in Life Sciences using optimized maps within Dynamics 365 for Data Sciences International!

Data Sciences International (DSI) is a powerhouse in the medical field, boasting over 110 years of experience. They serve a wide range of industries, from pharmaceuticals and academia to government and biotechnology companies. Their mission? Simply to provide cutting-edge technologies, products, and services that propel life science research forward.

One of DSI’s key strengths lies in its dedicated team of field representatives. These representatives are on the front lines, installing new systems, troubleshooting technical issues, and ensuring their clients have the tools they need for groundbreaking discoveries. But with a vast client base spread across the globe, optimizing field rep efficiency becomes paramount. This is where Maplytics enters the picture.

Streamlining Field Rep Schedules with Disparate Data

In the pre-Maplytics era, DSI relied on Microsoft Dynamics 365 to manage its client database. While Dynamics 365 offered robust data storage, it fell short of the crucial element of geographical visualization. DSI needed a way to see their client locations on a map, filter data based on specific categories and needs, and ultimately, create optimized routes for their field representatives.

Traditionally, planning field rep schedules involved juggling spreadsheets and disconnected information. This time-consuming process often resulted in inefficient routes, missed client visits, and wasted travel time. DSI needed a solution to streamline this process, empower their field reps, and maximize their impact.

Unveiling the Power of Location Intelligence and geographical insights with Maplytics

Maplytics, an advanced mapping and data visualization tool, proved to be the perfect solution for DSI. Here’s how it transformed their field rep operations:

  1. Visualizing Client Data: Maplytics seamlessly integrated with Dynamics 365, allowing DSI to plot their entire client base on a map. This provided a clear, comprehensive view of their customer landscape, enabling them to identify regional concentrations and make informed decisions about resource allocation.
  2. Intelligent Route Optimization: Gone are the days of manually plotting routes. Maplytics generates optimized routes based on either travel time or distance. This ensures field reps can visit the maximum number of clients in a single day, maximizing their productivity and minimizing travel time.
  3. Effortless Schedule Planning: With optimized routes at their fingertips, DSI can plan efficient daily schedules for their field reps seamlessly. Being able to configure and visualize travel times with every waypoint added allows for realistic scheduling, ensuring reps arrive on time and are prepared for each client visit.
  4. Enhanced Field Rep Productivity: Maplytics empowers field reps with a suite of functionalities that boost their efficiency. Adding multiple waypoints to routes is a breeze, and exporting data for offline access through mail ensures reps have all the information they need, even in areas with limited connectivity.

Measurable Improvements and a Data-Driven Approach

By leveraging Maplytics, DSI has witnessed a significant improvement in field rep productivity. Optimized routes have reduced travel time, allowing reps to visit more clients and dedicate more time to on-site support and service. The ability to visualize client data has fostered a data-driven approach to field operations, enabling DSI to make strategic decisions regarding resource allocation and client service strategies... Read more

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