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Troubleshooting Blank Sales and Inventory Forecast in Business Central

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The 'Sales and Inventory Forecast' extension in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a powerful tool designed to provide insights into future sales and inventory needs. However, users may sometimes face an issue where the sales forecast appears blank for items. Here's a brief explanation of the potential causes and solutions.

Potential Causes for Blank Sales Forecast:

  1. Incorrect Setup: The extension requires proper setup and configuration. Ensure that all steps have been followed and that the forecasting job has been executed according to the setup schedule.

  2. Insufficient Historical Data: Forecasts are generated based on historical sales data. A lack of sufficient historical transactions for an item will result in a blank forecast.


  • Verify Setup: Review the extension setup and confirm that the forecasting job is running as expected.

  • Check Data Availability: Look for items with a substantial number of past transactions. These items are more likely to display a sales forecast.

  • Use Items with Adequate History: To test the functionality, select an item with significant historical data. This can increase the chances of generating a forecast.