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How to Handle a Fully Receipted but Open Purchase Order in Dynamics 365 Business Central

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How to Handle a Fully Receipted but Open Purchase Order in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Recently, an user encountered an issue with a fully receipted purchase order in Dynamics 365 Business Central that remained open despite all actions taken. This problem can be particularly frustrating as it disrupts the smooth flow of procurement processes. In this post, I'll share my experience and the resolution that worked, hoping it can help others facing a similar challenge.

The Issue:

After receiving all items on a purchase order, it remained open in the system. When I tried to perform "Posting - Receive and Invoice," user received the error message: "There is nothing to post because the document does not contain a quantity or amount." This indicates that, although the purchase order shows as open, there's no actionable quantity left to process through posting.

Following a suggestion from a previous post on the Dynamics 365 forum, user attempted to delete the purchase order. However, a new error message appeared: "Deleting this document will cause a gap in the number series for receipts. An empty receipt PRXXXX will be created to fill this gap in the number series."

The Resolution:

The key to resolving this issue lies in ensuring that all received items have indeed been invoiced. If all items on the purchase order have been accounted for in your invoicing, the system's warning about creating an empty receipt to fill a gap in the number series is just a procedural reminder and not an error that prevents further actions.

Here's what you can do:

  1. Verify Invoicing: Check the invoice status for all items related to the purchase order. Ensure that each item received has been invoiced correctly. If all items are invoiced, the system should technically allow the purchase order to close.

  2. Consider Deleting the Purchase Order: If the above checks are completed and the system still shows the purchase order as open, it's safe to delete the purchase order. The warning about an empty receipt filling a gap in the number series is standard in Business Central when deleting a document that has completed transactions tied to it. This is to maintain the integrity of transaction histories and number sequences.

  3. Documentation and Audit Trail: Keep a record of these checks and any actions taken to resolve the issue. This documentation will be helpful for audit purposes and future reference if similar issues arise.


Dealing with open purchase orders in Dynamics 365 Business Central can seem daunting, especially when encountering system errors. However, understanding the underlying processes and system behaviors can help in effectively managing these issues. Always ensure that all items are invoiced before attempting to delete a purchase order, and remember that system warnings about number series are generally reminders, not stoppers, provided all other aspects are in order.



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