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Power Automate Telemetry Integration with Application Insights | November 2023


This TechTalk is about Power Automate telemetry integration with Azure Application Insights. It is covering the general overview, getting started, some scenarios, alerts and dashboards. It will good be a good starting point to start your own Power Automate & Application Insights journey. 


Link to the resources (GitHub): 




This repository has a dashboard and Kusto queries related to Power Automate telemetry (



00:00 Intro 

00:14 Agenda 

02:28 Getting started 

07:23 Scenarios 

10:06 Analyze performance 

17:33 Investigate Exceptions 

26:22 Alerts 

34:01 Dashboard 

37:54 Resources 

42:05 Closing comments



Amreek Singh -

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