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discrepancies between the item inventory quantity displayed on the item card and the bin content quantity

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 The discussion from the NAV/Navision Classic Client forum revolves around a common issue experienced by users: discrepancies between the item inventory quantity displayed on the item card and the bin content quantity within the system. Here’s a summary and analysis of the key points discussed:

Key Insights from the Discussion

  1. Nature of the Issue: Users frequently encounter mismatches between the inventory quantities listed on item cards and the quantities recorded in bin contents. These discrepancies often stem from the way the system calculates and stores these two types of data.

  2. Source of Discrepancy: The inventory quantity on an item card is derived from the Item Ledger Entries, while the bin content quantity is calculated from Warehouse Entries. Inconsistencies may arise during the posting process, particularly if errors occur, leading to incorrect warehouse entries.

  3. Advice from Experts: Kamil Sacek, an MVP for Dynamics NAV, advises that the correct data source is typically the Item Ledger Entries. If discrepancies are observed, it's usually the Warehouse Entries that need correction.

  4. Technical Issues and Fixes: Frank Dickschat pointed out that older versions of NAV, especially those running on SQL Server before version 4.0 SP3 Update 6, might not update SIFT tables correctly. This could lead to incorrect inventory calculations. He suggests exporting item ledger entries to Excel, summing up the quantities, and comparing these sums with the system's calculated fields to identify discrepancies. If mismatches are found, updating the NAV client may be necessary.

  5. Resolution Process: A user resolved their issue by clearing the MaintainSIFTIndex and SIFTLevels settings and then reimporting the original object data into the system. This process helped to correct the inconsistency by resetting the SIFT tables, which are used for aggregating data in SQL databases.


The discrepancies between item inventory and bin content quantities in Microsoft Dynamics NAV are typically due to issues in how data is posted and stored in different parts of the system. Resolving these issues often requires a combination of system knowledge, manual checks (like comparing data with Excel), and sometimes technical interventions like updating the client or resetting database indices. The community's shared experiences underline the importance of thorough system checks and maintaining updates to ensure data integrity in inventory management.