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Qty per Unit of Measure Errors

Jun Wang Profile Picture Jun Wang 4,088 Super User

Businesses using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central may encounter errors when changing the 'Qty. per Unit of Measure' due to discrepancies between purchase and sales units. Here’s a concise guide to fix such issues:

  1. Use Configuration Packages: Export Table 37 (Sales Lines) to identify erroneous entries.
  2. Filter by Item No.: If dealing with many items, filter by the item number causing the issue.
  3. Address Sales Lines: Locate and correct sales lines that prevent changes to unit measures.
  4. Retry Updating: After corrections, update the 'Qty. per Unit of Measure' accordingly.

By following these steps, users can rectify the error and ensure accurate inventory management. For further details and support, stay tuned to community updates.