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Dynamics 365 Commerce - Adyen Payment Connector | February 7-8, 2024


In an upcoming TechTalk, FastTrack is set to collaborate with Adyen's product team to demonstrate the diverse payment options available in Dynamics 365 Commerce through the Adyen connector. The showcase will cover various aspects, including configuration steps for the connector across different platforms such as Store Commerce, Store Commerce for Web, and Call Center, E-commerce. Participants will learn about selecting the appropriate connector version based on the specific product in use, addressing common issues that may arise. 


Additionally, the session will delve into the setup process for the hardware station, emphasizing the significance of BIN ranges and introducing the new mapping process with transactional data. The presentation will guide attendees through essential operations like making payments, processing refunds, in-store refund procedures, and searching for transactions. This comprehensive overview aims to empower users with the knowledge and skills needed to maximize the capabilities of the Adyen connector within Dynamics 365 Commerce. 



00:00 Intro 

00:30 Agenda 

01:13 Adyen Overview 

28:47 Omni channel Payments 

39:03 S1F2 (All-in-One) Demo 

43:12 Q&A 

49:40 Closing comments



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