Since the launch of consultancy service listings on AppSource last year, we've had great interest from partners in listing their Dynamics 365 Business Central services on AppSource. In select markets, Microsoft actively points prospective customers to the consultancy services on AppSource to find a partner that can help them make a purchase and implement the product. To be found by prospective customers, we encourage all partners to list their services on AppSource. This blog post will outline how to submit your offer and how to make it stand out.

Getting started

Publishing consultancy service listings on AppSource required access to the Cloud Partner Portal. To get this access and kick of the product of getting listed, please fill out the nomination form. Select 'Consulting Service' under 'What type of offer do you intent to publish?'. The AppSource team will reach out to you with further details within a few business days. If you already have access to the Cloud Partner Portal you can skip this step and create your offer right away.

Creating your offer

Once you have gotten access to the Cloud Partner Portal continue by creating a new offer by clicking 'New Offer' and selecting 'Consulting Service'. Fill out a unique Offer ID and name and click 'Save'. Your offer has now been created and you can continue by providing content and marketing artifacts for your listing.

Storefront details

This page lets you provide all content and marketing artifacts that will be ultimately be published on AppSource. Make sure to write a compelling description, formatted in markdown, to attract prospective customers with your listing. AppSource supports five kinds of consulting service, and each has specific requirements on what must be included in your description text.

  • Briefing is an introduction to Dynamics 365 Business Central to draw customer interest using frameworks, demos, and customer examples. Please include about five bullet points on topics that will be covered during your briefing in the description text.
  • Assessment is an evaluation of a customer's environment to determine applicability of Dynamics 365 Business Central and to provide an estimate of timing and cost for implementation. Please mention concrete deliverables of this assessment in your description text.
  • Proof of concept is a limited implementation purposed to determine whether Dynamics 365 Business Central will meet the customer's needs. Please mention concrete deliverables of this proof of concept in your description text.
  • Implementation is a complete installation that results in a fully working solution. Please mention concrete deliverables of your implementation service in your description text.
  • Workshop is an interactive engagement conducted at the customer's location, and can include training, briefings, assessments, and/or demos. Please provide an agenda of the workshop you're offering in the description text. If your workshop does not focus on training activities, please mention concrete deliverables as well.

You will also find lead destination settings on the storefront details page. When customers express interest in your listing on AppSource, their contact details can be sent directly to your CRM system as lead or to an HTML endpoint, for example from Microsoft Flow. If you do net set this up properly you will miss out on prospective customers, so make sure to review the documentation on this.

Publishing process

Once you have filled out all required details on the Cloud Partner Portal and are happy with your content, you can go ahead by clicking 'Publish'. This will kick off a validation process executed by Microsoft after which your offer will be published on AppSource. Please note that the validation process is executed manually, and that it may take up to four weeks before you receive confirmation. If your content does not meet the requirements the team will reach out to you with suggested changes.


Consultancy service listings on AppSource are currently only available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. If you are based in another market it is recommended that you submit your listings anyway. The AppSource team is actively gathering submissions in most of the markets that Dynamics 365 Business Central is currently available in, and will publish these once a certain threshold of submissions has been reached. Once services have been published for a new market Microsoft will start pointing prospective Dynamics 365 Business Central customers in that market to AppSource to find a suitable partner.

* It is a requirement that you be the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) or Digital Partner of Record (DPOR) for at least one Dynamics 365 Business Central customer or already have an app listed on AppSource before you can publish your consultancy services for this product.

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