As General Manager of the Dynamics 365 Operations Applications Group, I am delighted with the welcome that you have given the Business Central October’18 release. It is great to see how many of our customers are embracing the cloud, leveraging the capabilities and connectivity of Business Central to run their businesses even more productively. At the same time, a large uptake in partners developing and publishing apps for Business Central means we are covering more and more of our customers’ business needs. With the recent addition of Singapore and Indonesia, I’m happy that Business Central is now available to customers in thirty markets!

Throughout the past few weeks, the Business Central team has shared insights on this blog to recap the year and give some perspectives on their work. We hope you have enjoyed the series and learned something new along the way. Personally, I enjoyed reading the year-end closing blog post because I have a background in accounting. If you have not yet found your favorite, then check out the overview. My post today marks the end of this series as we stand on the doorstep of what promises to be another exciting year for Business Central.

With the October’18 update, we added the option of deploying Business Central on-premise for those who want choice and a stepping stone to the cloud. As we announced at the Directions 2018 conferences this season, there is a clear road ahead for Business Central:

As you can see, we started by launching Business Central as an online offering. Then, with the October’18 release, we opened up for online, on-premises, and hybrid deployments. And going forward, our focus is on steady progress towards a modern and intelligent offering with the expected delivery called out in the picture.

The April’19 release is going to be full of further improvements and enhancements as well as exciting new capabilities for our customer and partner communities. These are the themes that the Business Central team is tracking their work against in the coming year:

  • A Modern Application
    Acting on community feedback to enhance functionality and concentrating on usability and regulatory requirements
  • An Adaptable Application Service
    Expanding functionality in our application lifecycle management tools, making partners self-sufficient in upgrading and managing their applications and customers
  • An Intelligent System
    Enriching intelligence everywhere to drive key Insights-to-Action to identify and realize opportunities for improved quality, throughput, and profitability

For more details please find the roadmap for the next year for Business Central. We look forward to sharing our detailed plans for the April’19 release on January 21st.

Best regards,

Muhammad Alam
General Manager