While Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud-first service, we will continue to ensure that customers that need to run their workloads on-premises or on the Intelligent Edge connected to the cloud, can do so.

Gone are the days of setting up firewall rules and self-signed certificates to take advantage of cloud functionality.  Get connected to the cloud to not only take advantage of all the great services the cloud has to offer, but to also to access your data and insights from practically anywhere.

With Business Central, when you sign up for the service in the cloud you have the option to deploy it locally to your choice of hardware. While you are running on your own hardware, you will have a tenant in the cloud, and the data from your hardware will be replicated to the cloud for Intelligent Cloud scenarios.

To get started using the Intelligent Cloud functionality, simply run the Set Up Intelligent Cloud assisted setup wizard to configure your own Intelligent Cloud environment.

When your Intelligent Cloud environment is configured and your on-premises data is replicated to the cloud, take full advantage of cloud services, such as Power BI, Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, Azure Machine Learning, and many others.

Business Central (on-premises)

Because Dynamics NAV and Business Central share the same code base, the transition from Dynamics NAV to Business Central is as seamless as any other Dynamics NAV upgrade. When upgrading you will get the new, refreshed, and highly productive user experience of Business Central, and the name of the application with change from Dynamics NAV to Business Central. 

Dynamics GP and Dynamics SL

We welcome customers who are running their workloads on Dynamics GP or Dynamics SL into the Business Central fold. This is done through the same Intelligent Edge and Intelligent Cloud scenarios as for Business Central on-premises. Each Dynamics GP or Dynamics SL deployment will have a Business Central cloud tenant you can synchronize their data to. When you use this, we invoke our Intelligent Cloud scenarios of machine learning, such as Power BI, Flow, and others, to drive suggested actions. This can help to further highlight the value of Business Central and, over time while Microsoft continues to support their Dynamics GP or Dynamics SL deployments, you can choose when the time is right for your business to transition to Business Central. 

Dynamics NAV

The Intelligent Cloud functionality for Dynamics NAV 2018 is scheduled for release on, or before, the Spring ’19 release.  Need the Intelligent Cloud before then?  Simply upgrade your Dynamics NAV solution to Business Central (on-premises) and configure your Intelligent Cloud environment.

For more information, see https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/business-central/about-intelligent-cloud

Create your Business Central trial tenant today!  https://dynamics.microsoft.com