Directions North America Day 2 has kicked in with information on pricing for on-premise version and new feature announcement, let’s summarize:


There is no changes in pricing for D365BC cloud licenses. Partners still get 40% discount for Dynamics NAV customers migration to D365BC cloud from on-prem. Those customers have to be from prior 2016 October. The transition discount has been extended to June 30th, 2021.

On-premise perpetual recommended pricing model changed. First of all, concurrent users are not there anymore. Named users are what is to be sold now, which means that licensing will be done per a specific named individual who could have many devices. The perpetual named Essentials user is 2,000 USD + BREP for maintenance, the Premium user is 2,800 USD + BREP, team member – 400 USD + BREP, objects price does not change.

On-premise subscription type price rises to 45 USD per Essentials user, 65 USD Premium user and 8 USD for team members. Existing subscription user prices will rise to the same level on October 1st, 2019.

NAV 2018 Sales Stop Jan 1st

Yes, from January 1st, 2019, you are only able to sell D365BC for your customers. No new Dynamics NAV sales.

More on Roadmap

Year’s 2019 main goal – further improvement for VS Code and AL and C/AL to AL conversion. As reconfirmed in Q&A session today, that is the main priority above new product features, so don’t expect much improvement in the functional areas in the upcoming year.

From Year 2020 – VS Code and AL will be the only way to modify the application. Yep, that’s the official date for removing C/AL. At least for now…

Event recorder

A handy new feature to run while performing actions, i.e. while going through a sales invoice lines and inputing information. The event recorder would then show what events were triggered performing those actions. You can filter and easily find the events you need. This would save you tons of time you would otherwise be using to locate the events in objects.

Certification for D365BC

Yes, certification is back and you can start building up your competencies in the new product for your consultants and developers.

Continuous Upgrade Window

Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud version is continuously upgraded: every month a new CU and every 6 months a major release. For those upgrades you can set up a window of 6 hours (i.e. 1 a.m. to 7 a.m.) during which Microsoft could perform the upgrade.

Telemetry for User Activity

D365BC admin center will now include insights on user activity, providing partners statistics on user behavior.

Sandbox Environment in a Few Clicks

The D365BC admin center will now allow to copy production data to a sandbox environment in a few minutes so that Partners could debug customer solutions using real data and not mess anything on production database at the same time. The debugger is now also available against the Business Central application code itself.

Read more on roadmap and new features on Day 1 at Directions North America here.

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