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In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Version 1612 ( (DB online Advanced Find Menu.

There are new features available on the File navigation menu..
Click on the File > New Activity >

As we can see all the activities like Task, Fax, Phone Call, Email, Letter, Appointment, Service Activity, Campaign Response, Recurring Appointment, Alert Subscription, Approval, Booking Alert, Invite Redemption and Portal Comment.

From the above activities upto the Recurring Appointment are the normal activities forwarded from Microsoft Dynamics 365 version 8.2 ..

Alert Subscription,Approval, Booking Alert for Field Service activities..

Invite Redemption and Portal Comment are for the Microsoft Portal activities.

The "New Record" menu Item having all the Dynamics 365 entities ..

Menu Item "Print Preview": when advanced find is used to fetch some records using the filter criteria and fetch all the records based on the search criteria then we can see the print preview before it can be print.

Menu Item  "Tool" have the Import Data, Duplicate Detection and Bulk Delete Wizard..

Import Data : Click on the Import Data menu item and select the file want to import into Dynamics 365

Duplicate Detection Wizard: The wizard helps to detect duplicates for all records in one entity.

Bulk Deletion: Wizard helps in defining the deletion criteria for selected entity and scheduling and notification options.

Menu Item "Option" have settings configuration as shown below:

Menu Item "Help" have the below sub items

1. Help on the Page: If we want to know anything about the page browsing then press the "help on the page", it will prompt to MSDN.

2. Content: 
3. Administrator Guide and 4. Trouble Shooting will point to the above url..

5.Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online : will point to the Microsoft website url

6. About Microsoft Dynamics 365 will show the version and build information as below:

7. Close: close out of the advanced find window..

I hope this helps..

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