Here I will give a group of links to my various posts on FieldOne, hopefully this post groups them into a logical order.

As I hope you can see, this post is a work in progress. Each week I will add more links, please return for latest update!

Introduction / Background

FieldOne Sky – Overview

Work Order Theory


FieldOne Sky – Installation

Install FieldOne Sky Mobile App

Initial Configuration

Setting up user security

Creation of static data

General Set-up

Setting up Service and Billing Accounts

Creating Resources

Creating Product and Services

Creating Incidents

Creating Crews

Creating Price lists


Creating a work order (Manually)

Creating a work order from a case

Creating a work order from opportunity

Creating a work order from mobile application

Scheduling a work order

Manual Scheduling

Scheduling Assistant

Using the FieldOne Sky Mobile app to complete a work order

Completing a work order

Product Inventory Management



Management information

Time off requests