Before installing the FieldOne Sky Mobile app you will need to have install FieldOne Sky on your Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 server. If you haven’t see this post for details. (FieldOne Install)

You will find the mobile app install is very simple, unlike the initial server install!

Below are the instructions for configuring the mobile application for a Windows device. The instructions for iphones, ipads and android devices will be pretty much the same. (Expect you’ll need to download from different app stores.)

In the Windows store search for FieldOne, this will show you the FieldOne Sky Mobile application.

Next simply install from the store ….

Once the FieldOne Sky Mobile app has installed you’ll need to connect it to your CRM instance. To do this use the Setup option, shown below.

Within set-up next to CRM click the connect option.

Having clicked the connect icon a dialog similar to the one below will show, here you can enter your CRM login credentials.

You may see the prompt below, if you do select the “Delete Data” option.

You will then see a number of messages while your configuration and data are loaded

After a short pause you will be returned to the menu. To test your connection has worked select accounts (or any of the menu option) and you should be able to see your CRM data.

If so you are now ready to start using FieldOne Sky Mobile. J