The blog Slow xRM has a really good list of useful Javascript articles for CRM 2011.

To check out the whole list go and read the blog post here.  I have copied a sample of some of the articles which I thought were useful and yes of course I put the links to my blog in here.

I would say the most useful CRM 2011 Javascript links on my blog our

CRM 2011 – Javascript Xrm.Page Basics

CRM 2011 – Comparison between CRM 4.0 and CRM2011 script

CRM 2011 – Getting the ServerUrl in Javascript and using

CRM 2011 – Javascript and Subgrids code example


here are some of the links from the Slow xRM article

Date: 01/28/2011 - Source: Biz Forward
Title: Format Date Fields in CRM
Keywords: JavaScript, Date

Date: 06/13/2011 - Source: Power Objects
Title: CRM 2011 Useful JavaScript tidbits
Keywords: JavaScript

Date: 07/24/2011 - Source: MS CRM 2011 Hospital
Title: Auto Refresh of Grids on form while loading MS CRM 2011
Keywords: JavaScript, Form, Grid

Date: 08/07/2011 - Source: MS CRM 2011 Hospital
Title: GetGlobalContext on MS CRM 2011
Keywords: JavaScript, Web Resource

Date: 02/17/2011 - Source: Ben Hosking
Title: How to set up a lookup using Javascript
Keywords: JavaScript, Lookup

Date: 02/24/2011 - Source: Ben Hosking
Title: How to set an attribute label in Javascript
Keywords: JavaScript, Field – Attribute

Date: 05/05/2011 - Source: Ben Hosking
Title: Javascript Date Difference Code
Keywords: JavaScript, Date


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