I have read three very useful blog posts this week


The first one is how to get CRM 2011 running on Virtualbox.  The reason you might want to do this is because at the moment Hyper V only works on Server 2008, which means you cannot run vitual machines on your PC (easily), not to mention Virtualbox is free.


An blog page on how to set up remote debugging for CRM 2011


I do have a few blog posts myself on remote debugging which might be useful

CRM 2011 – how to set up Remote debugging for plugins

CRM 4 – Remote debugging not working – things to check

Remote Debugging in ASP.NET

I would also say you can debug your plugins using the new functionality in the plugin registration tool.  It comes under profiling and it takes a little bit of time to get your head around how it should work but it does allow you to step through the plugin code, once it has  run, so you replay the plugin execution and step through your code.  If you want to do that check out the links below




on the debugging theme – debugging sandboxed plugins


Another good blog post – How to add RSS feeds to a CRM 2011 Dashboard



Tthe CRM software blog hinting that cross browser support is coming soon!!



what should a sales pipeline looklike


Brad Wilson CRM GM steps down


Creating services and selection rules in CRM 2011



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