When you turn on email tracking in CRM 2011 the default method is to use tracking tokens which are attached to the subject of the email.

Some users instantly don’t like the funny text of CRM:0001001 added to their email subjects.

So why is it added and what does it do?

The reason a token is added is simply to create a unique identifier for each email discussion.  When the email is created in CRM it will use the token to find the entities/records to associate the email message in CRM.

Here you can see the default token settings


The benefit of using tracking tokens is it’s easy for CRM to link the email message with entities in CRM because it has a handy unique reference.

You can see from the picture above that you can turn off tracking tokens if you wish and by doing this it means CRM has to work a bit harder to try and match the email message with records in CRM.

So how does it match email messages now

it looks for matches in sender, receiver and subject keywords.  So basically if someone replied to an email you sent them then CRM would see the email sender, receiver has a match and the subject would be the same with a “RE:” added probably.

So turning off tracking tokens will make the subject look tidier but it may lead to some emails not automatically being matched.

In my experience CRM does a pretty good job matching emails using just smart matching and this probably because people don’t really change the subject of an email very often.

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