By now most of us have heard about the nice rich Tablet Client that comes with Microsoft CRM 2013.  I have to say that the Tablet Client sports a very consistent and modern user interface that mobile users will surely enjoy – I certainly am.

The current Microsoft CRM 2013 for Tablet Client is available for Windows 8 devices and Apple iPad.

Here is an uncommon scenario I’d ran into – as I’m testing different Microsoft CRM 2013 users and their security settings on the Tablet Client – I’d found that the CRM Tablet Client only supports 1 CRM User setup at a time. 

CRM 2013 Tablet for Windows 8:



CRM 2013 Tablet for iPad:image

This makes sense since the typical tablet device is not meant for multi-user logins.

For my testing scenario, in order to reset the Dynamics CRM 2013 for Tablets to a different CRM user – all I have to do is uninstall and re-install the CRM 2013 Tablet App from Windows 8 or iPad.  It is a pretty quick and simple process:




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