Cross posting this introductory message from the new Dynamics CRM Support Blog

Welcome to the Dynamics CRM Support Blog! The Dynamics CRM Support blog was created to provide insights, knowledge, and techniques that support engineers around the globe utilize each day. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has a few other blogs available on the internet and these are linked off on the right hand side. Some of these are maintained by the different regions for some other languages and some like The Microsoft Dynamics CRM blog or CRM in the Field are put out by some of the other groups from within Microsoft.

As there are various Dynamics CRM support blogs, we have decided that it would be best to central CRM blog on the Communities that is connected to the other blogs and that also allows quick access to the Dynamics CRM forums. This allows you as the customer or partner to have that "all in one place" feel for Dynamics CRM technical information. With content supplied from Microsoft's own support teams we will be focusing on topics like:

  • Current hot support topics
  • Common errors and fixes
  • Tips-n-Tricks
  • Best practices
  • How To articles

The Dynamics CRM Support Team will be working together with our Product Development team and other global Dynamics CRM support teams to drive the content for this blog:

This team is part of the Commercial Technical Support organization. Contributors to the blog reside in our Fargo campus, which is the Global Escalation Center. These team members have a deep technical knowledge and a passion for troubleshooting.

We hope you enjoy the site. We're happy to hear your feedback and suggestions for content that will help you be successful with Dynamics CRM.

Please feel free to comment if you have a blog idea that is not currently available and would be helpful for you and your company.

Dynamics CRM Support Blog